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render of entropy, abstract, Pucci style, with the theme of sage green, pink and baby blue

Our Work

From the delicate details of a pet portrait to the bold strokes of a branding logo, we paint both digital canvases and physical walls. With three decades of experience, we're your one-stop shop for expressing your artistic vision – no matter the medium. Don't hold back, share your ideas, and we'll turn them into stunning reality.

Sherlock the cat

Sherlock the cat

Commissioned character creation magic! We transformed a pet's photo into a unique, charming character design, complete with versatile transparent files ready to star on all your favorite merch.

Yuki Neko

Following in the paw prints of "Sherlock the cat," Yuki Neko is another charming commissioned character brought to life from a loving pet owner's photo. This adorable feline is ready to purr-fect any print or merchandise with the magic of digital art!

Yuki Neko
Merlin the charming westie


From pixels to paint, this charming pet portrait features a combination of digital artistry and classic acrylics, with a touch of elegance added by the shimmering copper leaf detail.

BTS army

We partnered with a passionate BTS fan club to design a truly special commission: a digital portrait of their beloved member, fusing the vibrant colors of pop art with the expressiveness of manga. The result? A creation worthy of any dedicated ARMY.

Its Fan club
CV sidekick

CV sidekick

Through a collaborative effort with CV sidekick, we created a distinct visual identity for a service dedicated to bridging the gap for individuals who struggle to effectively showcase their talents on resumes. This initiative empowers those facing barriers to fully express their abilities and find meaningful employment opportunities.

This program addresses the needs of individuals facing challenges in articulating their full range of skills and qualifications on CV, promoting greater equity and representation in the workforce. 

The guiding principles behind the design prioritize both user-friendliness and immediate brand recognition.

CV sidekick
The almost Blues band

The Blues

Logo for a five piece band, slightly blue. Their set list spans right across the Blues genre. From Classic Blues by the greats such as Sonny Boy Williamson and Muddy Waters. They also dip their toe in to Blue Grass before heading into some more lively West coast swing. 

Matthew's fig Jam

Identity brand and logo for a Jam prepared from organic figs, cooked with organic cane sugar cooked in copper cauldrons using traditional methods by a small farm in Nagoya (Japan) 

Matthews fig jam
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