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This is an attempt to capture the wild chaos and electric energy of turbulent waters. And  at the left of this canvas whirlwind, behold a circular formation that's giving you some serious hurricane vibes. It's like staring into the eye of a storm, taking you on a thrilling ride through the unsettling depths of your own soul. Because our thoughts move more or less in the same way. Well - kinda, and definitely not all the time.

I've also sprinkled some metallic leaf magic in there, so the appearance of this painting changes with the whims of the daylight. It's a nature-powered fashion show, my friend. So brace yourself, because "The Eye of the Storm" is here to showcase the raw power of nature and remind us that beauty can be found even in the wildest and most tumultuous moments. So let's cherish it.

The eye of the storm

  • This is one-off original artwork on canvas

    Acrylics and metallic leaf

    60 cm diameter

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